Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

The quality of teaching and learning that a learner receives has a direct impact upon a child's outcomes. At the Blyth Academy we aim to ensure that:

  • there are consistently high expectations for all groups of learners
  • there is systematic checking of student understanding through rigorous Assessment for Learning
  • planning is informed by data and is both progressive and challenging
  • there is consistent high quality comment marking that provides constructive feedback to enable students to reflect and respond

Teaching and Learning Routines

We believe that children learn best when there is consistency and continuity in our approach. Teaching and Learning routines are applied in every classroom throughout the Academy. These include:

  • An open door policy
  • Aspire and Challenge learning outcomes
  • Collaborative Learning Structures
  • Seating plans for shoulder partners and face partners
  • Time phased learning
  • PIN and PROUD Marking


Collaborative learning is all about engagement. Students make good and outstanding progress when they work both independently and collaboratively and when they are highly engaged in learning. Lessons are designed to ensure that students have opportunities to construct learning for themselves. Teachers design activities to boost student participation and make learning more active. Learning activities are differentiated to stretch and support students.

Our teachers are committed to building highly effective learning experiences for students. Time is dedicated every week to staff professional development. Bespoke training programmes are offered and staff can request additional support from a variety of coaching and development opportunities.