Care & Support

Supporting You

The Blyth Academy aims to provide an inclusive education ensuring that we meet all students' individual needs, and provision is tailored to help students overcome their barriers to learning. For every student we support continuous improvement and progression to exceed your expectations. We are developing a Well-Being Centre which will become the hub of multi-agency student support this will enable students to access services such as counselling, health care, social care, special educational needs support and to work with a range of other outside agencies which are required to meet their needs.

The support carried out in the Well-Being Centre will complement the support, care and guidance provided by the pastoral team within the Academy. The professionals working with the multi-agency teams will work with the students to identify barriers to learning and support individuals with appropriate interventions.

In addition to the support provided within the Well-Being Centre we have a team of Learning and Teaching Assistants who support students in class to ensure they meet learning and progress targets within specific subject areas. The support provided by the Learning and Teaching Assistants is coordinated by the Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCo), Mrs. S Coathup and is based on personalised needs. The SENCo also oversees the testing of students to ensure we have accurate and current data to help us identify which students require additional support and to measure the impact of interventions used to meet their needs.

The Well-Being Centre also hosts a range of activities for parents, include parenting workshops, PTA development and other community based projects.